January, 2011

  • Update from Bay News 9 Reporter Troy Kinsey:
    “Lots of discussion about whether tonight’s dinner should have been open; according to Lopez-Cantera, OFFICIAL business was discussed.”
    Click here for a full recap from the Miami Herald and stay tuned…
    Original Post:
    Florida Governor Rick Scott’s press team outdid them […]

  • Last weekend, I had the honor of delivering the commencement keynote address to the International Academy of Design and Technology Orlando class of 2010.
    I want to share an excerpt with you, which I think pretty much sums up the new liberal arts college experience for the “Published Generation.”
    My final point is more like a secret, a […]

  • Florida Governor Rick Scott didn’t ask for it, but after last week’s “Twitter Town Hall” and this blog post, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, the ultimate tweeting politician, is offering a few words of advice to the new Republican Governor about his nascent use of social media.
    In case you missed it, Rick Scott took to Twitt […]

  • Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott sat down to answer 19 letters from Floridians, all in fewer than 200 words. Impressive. Well, his press team called it a “Twitter Town Hall,” but in reality it was just an attempt to diffuse the fallout from this unprecedented article citing the closed-door relationship between Rick Scott and the […]

  • From 7:00-7:30 PM tonight, Florida Governor Rick Scott held a “twitter town hall.” He answered nineteen out of about five hundred tweets.
    Here is what the rest of twitter wanted him to talk about:

    7pm (15) agency (11) ago (798) andresdavid (19) answer (34) attract (15) benefits (11) bit&n […]

  • Today the Florida Capitol Press Corps sent a message loud and clear to Governor Rick Scott and his press shop — let us in. As we’ve reported, even the good news from the Governor’s office has been grossly mishandled, but this AP article sheds new light on the frustration Florida’s front line public servants are experiencing in trying to […]

  • As we celebrate the legacy of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. today, I want to shine a light on one of Florida’s unsung civil rights heroes, John B. Orr, Jr.
    In 1956, fighting desegregation in the Florida Legislature was about as courageous as proposing a tax cut in 2011. Of course, our history books now scorn the hateful, insecure, and […]

  • The same day Florida Governor Rick Scott was embracing social media, or as reporter Gary Fineout tweeted, “bypassing the mainstream media,” by announcing new staff members on his Facebook account, Scott also released a “weekly radio address.”
    Former Governor Charlie Crist utilized the now defunct clickcaster to occasionally blast […]

  • Chris Elliot is a freelance journalist who runs a traveling consumer advocate blog, the very definition of a niche blogging community. A couple of days ago, one of his faithful readers sent him an email about a heartwarming moment of compassion by Southwest Airlines. Her grandson was about to be removed from life support following the all […]

  • Yesterday, Rick Scott’s press team, on the heels of tainting their own inauguration coverage by blocking reporters from public events, flubbed another news cycle.
    The sale of the state airplanes is a brilliant, but completely obvious political gesture in tough economic times, especially for a $300-millionaire. However, instead of skillf […]

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