• The once a decade US Census occurs more often than the State of Florida updates its website – promoted proudly on our also stagnant license plates. looks basically the same as it did when Rick Scott moved here in 2003 – awful. So much for running Florida like a business – we are running it like MySpace.
    Check o […]

  • Florida Trend Notable

     June 19, 2013

    If you do business in Florida and don’t read the Florida Trend cover to cover, you are doing something wrong.
    Tallahassee was profiled in the most recent edition (subscribe) and Kevin Cate and Kevin Cate Communications was listed as one of fifty Tallahassee “notables.” Duly noted. Thank you, Florida Trend.

  • Watch this video announcement of the newest member of the team.
    Eric Conrad is currently a Senior Partner at WWD Strategies, Inc. and joins Kevin Cate Communications with communications experience in the political and non-profit sectors. Most recently worked as Deputy Campaign Manager for the Perry McGriff for State Senate Campaign and h […]

  • This should all go without saying, but it won’t.
    Most bad PR folks that I run into don’t know how to earn local TV coverage. There are lots of reasons. Earlier today I tweeted a preview of this blog and some of the responses were applicable: lack of visual, how to communicate with assignment desks, etc.
    It’s even simpler than that, […]

  • PR advice isn’t always about reporters, social media, or advertisements, sometimes it can be about small acts of trust that send the right message to your customers about your brand or business. Today’s example – my huge bank vs. my somewhat smaller bank.
    My huge (personal) bank doesn’t trust me as much as my somewhat smaller (bus […]

  • Some people chastise the press for never getting it right. Not only are those people generally wrong, they are often the cause of such errors in reporting.
    Think of the people within corporations or government who believe they get a bad rap in the media. Most of those folks are dismissive, condescending, or institutionally averse to respo […]

  • A little behind the scenes action today: we’re getting inked!
    No tattoos, we’re too post-modern for that – whatever that means. Instead of spending loads of cash on custom stationary, stickers, etc. for our deliverables and letters, we hired TTYR – a custom stamp artisan out of Sweden (via Etsy) to replicate our lo […]

  • Put down your phone and read on. That’s a joke. You’re probably on your phone now.
    Every flack has a favorite medium, mine is TV. However, messages play out differently in different mediums, so when crafting narratives, each medium, TV, print, online, and radio, should get the attention it deserves.
    The term online just doesn’t […]

  • Twitter legal team, cover your ears.
    I have an idea that I think would help make Twitter more valuable for brands and political candidates— and provide a solid source of revenue for the company.
    Social media is all the rage, and every company, non-profit, and political candidate under the sun is seeking one thing— more followers. More […]

  • ***Update***
    After this post, Sony said “I’m sorry.” Today, May 28, 2011, more than one month after I advised Sony to offer free ID protection to customers as brand damage control, they did. Imagine if this would have been their first reaction, instead of their last?
    Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertain […]

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